Welcome to Molalla High School 
To expedite the enrollment process, please follow the  steps listed below:

A legal guardian must accompany registering students. 

Step 1:
Determine if you are in the Molalla River School Districtusing the
Clackamas mapping website

Step 2: 
Complete the following fillable forms below and bring them to the Registrar to complete your child's registration:

Fillable Registration Form.pdf
Fillable (SP) Registration Form.pdf
Fillable Electronic Communication Agreement.pdf
Fillable Residency Questionnaire.pdf
Fillable Language-Survey-English (1) (1).pdf

Aurthorization to Release Records

Step 3:

Provide a complete immunization verification or a medical/non-medical exemption verification.

Please provide a complete immunization verification/or medical/non-medical exemption verification at the time of registration. 

Medical/Non-medical Exemptions

Exceptions to the vaccine requirements for school enrollment include specific medical exemptions ( i.e. documented  anaphylaxis related to vaccine administration by a medical professional) or a completion of a non-medical exemption per legislative requirements set forth by the  Oregon Health Authority (OHA).

These requirements include:
Completion of an online Vaccine Education Module from OHA or
A Vaccine Education Certificate signed by an Oregon provider ( MD, NP, ND, DO, PA)

Students who are not up to date or who do not have a valid exemption may not be permitted to start school or will be excluded when during Oregon's annual immunization exclusion in February of each year. 

Step 4:
- a transcript or withdrawal grades from previous school if you are transferring from another high school
- a copy of legal guardianship paperwork if the student is not living with his/her parent
- any other applicable legal documents (restraining orders, no-contact orders, DHS Foster Care provider paperwork)
- inter-district transfer documents (if the student does not live in our district

Step 5:
Complete the forecasting sheet for the applicable grade level. Please use the curriculum guide to help you with course selection.  A counselor will make any adjustments needed in scheduling.  

2018-19 Curriculum Guide:
2018 2019 Curriculum Guide FINAL v3.pdf
2018-19 Forecasting sheets:

Class of 2019 Forecasting Sheet.pdf
Class of 2020 Forecasting Sheet.pdf
Class of 2021 Forecasting Sheet.pdf
Class of 2022 Forecasting Sheet (1).pdf

Step 6:

Turn in all completed forms to the school registrar.

There may be additional forms to complete when you meet with the registrar. The registrar's office is open from mid-August through the third week of June.  Office hours for registration are from 7:15 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. If you have questions please call the registrar, Gina Bilyeu, at 503-759-7315 or e-mail her at Gina.bilyeu@molallariv.k12.or.us