Parents or Guardians are responsible to notify the Attendance Office within 24 hours following the student’s absence. Notice may be in writing, emailed to  [email protected] or by telephone. Call the 24-hour voicemail at 503-759-7304. Please include the following when you leave a message:

1.  Student's first and last name
2.  Parent's first and last name
3.  Date of the absence
4.  Reason for the absence

Excused vs. Unexcused Absences: According to ORS.339.065 and Molalla High School Protocol   

All absences, which include anything more than a medical/dental appointment or illness must be pre-arranged.  An email from the legal guardian at least 24 hrs. in advance is needed to be received by Mrs. Dillon, along with the non-medical reason, to receive the pre-arranged absence.