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Collegiate Athletics - NCAA/NAIA Information

thletes who are wanting to keep the door open to play sports at the collegiate level need to be aware of college athlete participation requirements set forth by the  NAIA and NCAA.  These requirements can be found on the websites listed below. We recommend students, along with their parents review these requirements at the beginning of freshman year of high school as there are specific high school course requirements that need to be met. Students will need to register with the NAIA and/or NCAA Clearinghouses during their junior year of high school.  Students will also need to work with their high school coaches to compile the proper materials to assist them in the pursuit of participating in collegiate athletics. Please contact our athletic director if you have any questions.  Kristen Rott, 503-829-2355 ext. 7306.
*Students who qualify for the SAT fee waiver may qualify for a NAIA/NCAA registration fee waiver.  See your counselor for more information about fee waivers.


NCAA Link:

Updated Academic Fact Sheets for Division I and Division II:

2018 Division II New Academic Requirements:
2018 Division II New Academic Requirements.pdf


College Guidance for Athletes: College guidance for athletes.pdf
Recruiting Information Video: