Athletic Department Contact Information

Athletic Director:

Kristen Rott, 503-759-7306, [email protected]

Athletic Department Secretary:
Michelle Bartholomew, 503-759-7305,  [email protected]

Sports Physicals 
Football, Basketball, Wrestling, and Soccer athletes need physicals every year. All other sports athletes need a physical every other year.  All incoming Freshmen need a sports physical the beginning of their Freshman year. 



Football  Sean McElhaney [email protected]

Boys Soccer       Ryan Gates                  [email protected]

Girls Soccer         Steve Gobet               [email protected]

Cross Country         Kenny Schoenfeld               [email protected]

Volleyball                Lauree Nelzen           [email protected]



Boys Basketball   Arron Boone                   [email protected]   

Girls Basketball       Shane Potter                  

Swimming     Melissa Georgesen                         [email protected]

Wrestling               Nathan Smyth                        [email protected]



Baseball  Gary Miller  [email protected]

Softball      Amanda Bethune                                   [email protected]

Track  Carl Sniffen [email protected]

Girls Tennis Mike Clarke                     [email protected]  

Boys Tennis     Laurel Roses                            [email protected]

Girls Golf         Grant Boustead                               [email protected]     

Boys Golf         Ryan King        [email protected]

Molalla High School Address: 357 Frances St., PO Box 309,  Molalla, OR 97038

Football Field, Tennis Court and Track Address: 
313 Eckard Ave., Molalla, OR  97038

Baseball Field Address: 638 E. Main St., Molalla, OR  97038