Planning Your Future

A College and Career Readiness Platform

Naviance is a college and career readiness platform that helps connect academic achievement to post-secondary goals. Its comprehensive college and career planning solutions optimize student success, maximize counselor effectiveness, and track results for school and district administrators.

Students are set up with a log in.  Please use the above link to access the student/family page.  From there the email, which is not an email (sorry for the confusion) is the student’s first name and last name all one word all lower case.  The password is the student’s student number. 

Naviance Overview from a student's perspective:

We will be updating scholarship information, sending out reminders to students, and keeping track of important deadlines.  There is also an app which allows the students to keep a to do list and stay informed of important dates on their phones.  At the beginning of each school year we will be updating information.  Please allow time for the changes to be made.

This year we are working on uploading student emails so we can utilize more efficient communication.

Next school year we anticipate being able to upload parent/guardian emails.

 *If you have any further questions please contact your student(s) counselor.

State of Oregon Public College and University Links:

Oregon State University

University of Oregon


Southern Oregon University


Western Oregon University


Portland State University


Oregon Institute of Technology


Clackamas Community College

Preparing for Collegiate Athletics

Athletes who are wanting to keep the door open to play sports at the collegiate level need to be aware of college athlete participation requirements set forth by the  NAIA and NCAA.  These requirements can be found on the websites listed below. We recommend students, along with their parents review these requirements at the beginning of freshman year of high school as there are specific high school course requirements that need to be met. Students will need to register with the NAIA and/or NCAA Clearinghouses during their junior year of high school.  Students will also need to work with their high school coaches to compile the proper materials to assist them in the pursuit of participating in collegiate athletics. Please contact our athletic director if you have any questions.  Tyler Kelleher, 503-829-2355 ext. 7306.
* Students who qualify for the SAT fee waiver will qualify for a NCAA/NAIA fee waiver. See your counselor for more information. 

NCAA Link:


College Entry Exams
Click on the links below for information about college entry exams.
Our college board high school code is: 380690



CCC Placement Test