2018 Expanded Options
Expanded Options
Posted on 02/05/2018
Expanded Options

The Molalla River School District Board is committed to providing additional options to student enrolled in grades 11 and 12 to continue or complete their education, to earn concurrent high school and college credits and to gain early entry into post-secondary education.  The district’s Expanded Options Program will comply with all requirements required of Oregon law.  Prior to May 15 of each year, a student who is interested in participating in the Expanded Options Program shall notify the district of his/her intent to enroll in post-secondary courses during the following school year. A high school transfer student or returning dropout has 20 business days from date of enrollment to indicate interest.  Please see the letter from Mr. Berzinski that outlines the details about this program.
Link to Letter: 2018 Annual Expanded Options Program Notification for 2018-19 School Year.pdf
Link to Letter in Spanish: 2018 (Spanish) Annual Expanded Options Program Notification 2018.pdf
Link to Expanded Options Program Intent to Enroll Form:
2018 Expanded Options Program Intent to Enroll Form.pdf
2018 (Spanish) E O P Intent to Enroll Form (1).pdf