Bio Form

Students, complete this form and give it to the people who will be writing you letters of recommendation for scholarship and college applications. 

Financial Analysis Form Fillable
Some local scholarship applications require this form to be included with the application.  

MHS Student Transcript Request Form Fillable
Complete this form when you need a transcript for scholarships, college admissions, etc. 

Activities Chart Fillable 
This form is an OSAC form that can be used for recording school activities, volunteer hours, and paid work history.  

Information, State, and National Scholarship Listings

The Oregon Promise 
(New State Grant to Help Cover Community College Cost)

Informational Links:

Office of Student Access and Completion (OSAC)
If you think college is beyond your financial means, think again!
Informational Link:

Funding College Power Point Presentation
Link:Funding College 2.pptx

Scholarship Opportunities for Migrant Students

National Search Websites

State Scholarships (for students graduating from a high school in Oregon)
Oregon Point Pest Control Scholarship Link:

Al Forthan Memorial Scholarship Link:

Oregon Wheat Foundation Scholarship Link: 
Click on Oregon Wheat Foundations and then click on Scholarship Award Program. 

Teacher Education Scholarship sponsored by Oregon PTA Link: 
Click on Programs>Teacher-Education-Scholarship

Oregon State Chapter Acacia Scholarship Link:

Pointe Pest Control Scholarship

Oregon Jaycee Foundation Scholarship
2018 Oregon Jaycee Foundation Scholarship Guidelines and Application Form (1).pdf

Local Scholarships

Click on the month to see the list of scholarships available/due during
that month.
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March (5)
April (15)
May (10)